Poets House
Battery Park, NY

Poets House is a non-profit organization, as well as a literary center and poetry archive in one. The heart of the organization is their 50,000 volume poetry collection housed in their library. Currently, they occupy two smaller spaces at different locations. Due to their growing need for space and need of a centralized location that would also accommodate their future growth, Poets House is relocating from their current SOHO location to a new facility, at Two River Terrace, Battery Park.

Their current facilities had capabilities limited to one speaker for their audio system, and a display monitor on a rolling cart, which was not sufficient enough for large audience viewing/listening. Through word of mouth and reputation, Syska’s Technology Group was contacted directly by Poets House and is on the job, designing a new facility with all the advanced features that the old venue couldn’t provide.

Although there were many great aspects to this project, it did not come without some challenges. Due to the multipurpose nature of the auditorium and the multiple seating layouts designed, Syska needed to design a flexible display system that could be viewed from the various seating orientations. Originally, the room was designed with a primary screen location in mind. However, the projector being installed now is on a rotating mount that will allow it to revolve to the other useable walls and be used in conjunction with a portable screen. Another challenge in the projection system design was the multiple ceiling levels within the room that was included as a design element to match with the sloped floor. The mounting height of the projector was closely coordinated with the ceiling to avoid sightline and projection line obstructions.

Another issue was support for future audio and video signals overflow applications. The client had indicated the need to send a feed from the auditorium elsewhere in the facility to provide overflow seating for events that have a larger attendance than the auditorium supports. A couple of locations were identified as potential overflow spaces, but Syska felt it was necessary to provide flexibility in order to support other locations as the need arose. The team decided to go with a solution that converts the AV signals for distribution over the same unshielded twisted pair (UTP) CAT6 cabling that is used for the telecommunications infrastructure. The overflow system uses the telecom closet as the central hub for the distribution of overflow AV signals. As such, the potential endpoints for the overflow feed can be anywhere in the facility where there is a telecom drop.


11,000 sf