Time Inc. Auditorium Refurbishment Project
New York, NY

The Time Inc. Auditorium refurbishment project included Syska Hennessy Group as the engineer for MEP, lighting, telecommunication and audio visual design. The project comprises of two separate public assembly spaces, one of which can hold up to 500 occupants and the other 150 occupants and supporting spaces such as the Green Room, Pre-function Area and a full-size warming pantry.

The Auditorium space is equipped with a high-end Cinema quality digital projector, two 35mm film projectors and two other multi-purpose digital projectors to support the dual orientations within the Auditorium coupled with two different front projection screens with multiple aspect ratio screen formats. The sound system design includes a Dolby-digital 5.1 surround sound speaker system distributed, ceiling-hung pendant speakers system for speech and stereo sound for north orientation. Control of all the subsystem is via touch screen capable wired, as well as, wireless control panels. The A/V system within the Auditorium is capable of linking to the Time Warner Center for a two-way interactive meeting via fiber optics links. The entire floor space is equipped with Wi-Fi enabled data network infrastructure for internet and intranet access uses. The fiber optics backbone accommodates the multimedia conference meeting between this facility and the Time Warner Center within the Time Inc. network via SONNET ring fiber optics network topology. Overflow function is also available at the adjacent conference center as well.