SeaTac International Airport - South Terminal Expansion
Seattle, WA

Syska Hennessy Group provided vertical transportation services for the new South Terminal Expansion Project (STEP) at Seattle/Tacoma’s SeaTac International Airport. We were responsible for the design, specifications and construction administration for traction elevators, hydraulic elevators, escalators, and moving walkways.

Catering to a variety of aircraft, STEP nearly doubles the length and width of the existing concourse, adding seven new gates for a total of fourteen. The new 2,100 foot long Concourse A will house airline offices, VIP lounges, moving walkways, as well as restaurants. The 70-foot high, oval-shaped South Hall, with its views of Mount Rainier, is not only the highlight of the expansion project but provides international visitors with their first sight of the Pacific Northwest. Once complete, the new facility will provide Seattle/Tacoma with a 24-hour town center complete with community activities, shopping and entertainment.

Connected to the South Hall is the Port of Seattle Office Building, a facility housing all airport administrative and police functions, also includes a public auditorium and conference rooms. As the office building is located within the airport terminal, it was necessary to comply with F.A.A. building height restrictions. The vertical transportation team was challenged to provide acceptable levels of service within these requisite height restrictions. The F.A.A. building height requirements were ultimately met by designing for offset machines that allowed for elevator service to the roof level while maintaining the necessary, minimum penthouse height.

The South Terminal Project transforms SeaTac into a civic space that welcomes visitors to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Establishing the airport as an international gateway provides Seattle/Tacoma, the 17th busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, with a world-class port of entry and destination point.