Washington Mutual Corporate Tower & Seattle Art Museum
Seattle, WA

The Washington Mutual Corporate Tower is a 608 foot tall building with 42 levels above grade that provide access to 1.2 million sf of office space as well as seven levels of below grade parking. Updated standards of ‘Ride Quality’ led them to partner with Syska Hennessy Group’s Vertical Transportation Division for the design specification of twenty-five traction elevators providing service at 1400 fpm. The high-rise elevators were specified to have a ride quality of no more than 12 mg’s, with noise levels not to exceed 50dBA, which exceeded all other systems installed at that time in the Pacific Northwest.

In conjunction with the Washington Mutual project, Syska partnered with the adjacent Seattle Art Museum on their renovation project and pioneered the concept of the ‘Machine Room-Less’ type elevator system. The design for these types of systems provides the client with the most efficient building designs available while providing the most energy efficient elevator equipment obtainable. At the completion of the project, Syska engineers provided the design for eight traction elevators, one hydraulic elevator, and six new escalators that would service a 335,000 sf space consisting of twelve levels of public assembly space.


1,535,000 sf