Fordham University, Keating Hall Auditorium
Bronx, NY

With a rich history that dates back to 1841, Fordham University is committed to providing the highest quality of education to its students. This auditorium on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus required major updating and the university looked to Syska Hennessy Group to design upgrades to the lighting, audio-visual, HVAC and electrical systems.

A main focus for our client was preservation of the auditorium’s historical features. Syska’s AV team designed an open projection booth at the back of the auditorium that allowed Fordham to reclaim a once-blocked stained-glass window. Additionally, in order not to cover faux columns at the front stage, we customized a display screen to allow for 720p-HD-resolution widescreen content to be letterboxed inside a 4:3 screen. We also replaced mounted black speakers that were against the white upper walls with column speakers that are partially recessed to blend in with the dark wood paneling surrounding the auditorium.

Key technologies used in the AV design include the following: a motorized projection lift that hides the projector and camera when not in use; speakers specifically designed to increase speech intelligibility without additional acoustical reinforcement; 3-D acoustical modeling to predict coverage levels; and user-friendly touch-screen panels installed both at the lectern on stage and in the projection control booth. In addition, the auditorium’s new system is designed to send audio and video feeds to other classrooms around the campus as well as to the public radio station WFUV located within the same building.

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400 seat auditorium