Synygy, Inc.: Chester Power Plan Historical Renovation
Chester, PA

Synygy Inc., the largest and most successful provider of Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM) software, chose Syska Hennessy Group to engineer a new Headquarter from the old Chester Station Power Plant that enveloped innovation and supported Synygys dynamic vision. Syska's challenge was to transform this facility, which includes a 1.5M cubic feet Turbine Hall, into a modern office building while maintaining its historical integrity.

Syska transformed the enormous plaster wall Turbine Hall into a multimedia space with acoustically treated projection screens, sound bass transducer within the under floor system on two separated elevated platforms, hidden surround sound system, motorized projectors, pan, tilt, zoom capable video cameras, wireless intercom system, wired and wireless system touch screen control panels. The vast facility included office spaces, a company auditorium, multi-purpose banquet hall and conference rooms.

The 4th level Executive Briefing Center overlooks the Turbine Hall and elevated platform giving a spectacular "sky box" effect that integrated multimedia equipment linking both spaces together. Syska provided multiple services, which added significant value through economies of scale and seamless delivery.

  •  Jeffrey Totaro/Esto


1.5M cubic feet Turbine Hall