Deutsche Bank, Project Athena
Cary, NC

Deutsche Bank required new, updated office space designed with all of the elements of sustainability and energy efficiency to meet the LEED CI 2009 requirements. The bank assembled a committed team of Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers and Commissioning Agents to run an integrated program and meet an aggressive construction schedule.

Meeting the challenges of LEED Certification was accomplished by closely coupling the project team with regular and frequent project coordination meetings. Project Athena was a great mix of general office and technical space, where Syska was able to provide for the general space commissioning needs, and provide the expertise to commission the mission critical infrastructure within the new space. The project was also broken into phases where the mission critical space was designed to be brought online before the office space was completed.

Through constant client contact and dedicated commissioning meetings, the phased approach was successful despite multiple last minute design changes. Issues with systems discovered in the field, including the Emergency Power Off (EPO) system, were brought to the teams attention and resolved as a group. All parties presenting observations and results to the design team and corrections were able to be implemented immediately. This allowed the system to be retested within the original testing window preventing a construction schedule interruption. The client is aiming for a LEED Silver rating.


20,000 sf