Rady Children's Hospital and Health Center Cogeneration Plant & Central Utilities Master Plan
San Diego, CA

Rady Children's Hospital had one of the oldest cogeneration plants in San Diego County and needed to expand their facilities. Before they could address any of their space needs, they had to assess the capacity of their infrastructure and develop a master plan. Due to the specific expertise needed to complete this scope of work, Rady Children's retained Syska Hennessy's Energy Services specialists to study their needs and prepare the master plan.

The central utility master plan outlined plans to optimize central plant equipment and utility distribution upgrades to support the next 20 years of growth. As a part of the master plan, we also prepared a detailed cogeneration feasibility study analyzing different technologies and configurations. The study led to a contract for full engineering design services for a 3.5 MWe combustion turbine coupled with a high temperature hot water (HTHW) heat recovery boiler to provide space for heating, domestic hot water and medium pressure steam through a steam generator.

Syska was the prime design consultant, managing a team of architects, engineers and acoustics specialists including OSHPD and CEQA submittals. The team faced an aggressive design and construction schedule due to funding requirements. Within six months, plans were submitted to OSHPD for approval and permits were issued. Additional project challenges included site constraints, limited construction staging areas, demolition and detailed construction phasing.

The design saved the hospital money. Anticipated savings total approximately $17.5 million over a 25 year period, which results in a predicted premium of approximately $7.5 million.


3.5 mW