University of California, Davis
Steam Plant Expansion, Phase I
Davis, CA

The University of California, Davis is one of the top public research facilities in the nation. The campus is the largest in the UC System, spanning 5,300 acres, and is continually expanding their facilities. After completing a campus master plan, the University discovered that the existing central heat and cooling plant (CHCP) was unable to provide redundant and reliable steam capacity to the campus currently or for future 90 % increase in the steam load over the next 15 years.

As the prime consultant, Syska Hennessy Group was contracted to complete a detailed project program (DPP) to evaluate the capacity of the steam generation system and recommend potential design solutions to support the projected facility growth through 2015. After issuing the final report, Syska was selected to lead the phase 1 expansion.

Syska managed a full team of consultants to add a new building and a 150,000 lb/hr high pressure steam boiler with selective catalytic reduction emissions controls. As the lead engineer, Syska worked closely with the University environmental group and the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District to complete this project. This plant features the first boiler with these specific advanced emissions control technology in the District. Future projects completed in the District will have to be designed to this new best available control strategy (BACT). Additional challenges included assisting the owner in writing specification and direct procurement of the new boiler, as well as an aggressive design and construction schedule.

The project also involved the implementing a new reverse osmosis technology for raw water pretreatment to eliminate salt discharge, condensate polisher system to eliminate the trace hardness and to bring down blowdown rates, new fuel oil storage tank, and unit substation transformer and capacity for two future units.


8,000 sf