Los Angeles World Airports, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Central Utility Plant Replacement
Los Angeles, CA

In 2008, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) served 59.8 million people and remains the 6th largest airport in the world. The Airport is regularly updating, expanding, or renovating facilities and infrastructure to continue this level of passenger traffic. The existing central utility plant was antiquated and needed to be replaced. After conducting several studies, the Airport decided to completely replace the plant. Syska Hennessy Group was contracted to prepare 30% CD level bridging documents to select a design build contractor.

The existing plant features two, four MW gas turbines, 5,000 tons of steam driven chillers, 6,000 tons of electrical chillers and two 20 MMBTU boilers distributing medium temperature hot water. Preliminary plans for the replacement plant include constructing a new building housing over 22,800 tons of electrical and steam driven chillers, two Solar Mercury 50, 4.4 MW gas turbine generators with supplemental HRSGs each providing 45,000 lbs per hour of steam. The chiller plant also includes 15,500 ton-hours of underground chilled water TES. The generators will have SCRs to satisfy the two parts per million NOx limitations. The project also involves completing medium voltage upgrades and renovations to accommodate the increase in load.


22,800-ton chiller 52,000 sf new building