Fayed Air Base
Fayed, Egypt

Syska Hennessy Group, as part of a joint venture with AICI and Archirodon (ASA), was awarded a task order to perform operations and maintenance services at the Fayed Air Base in Egypt. The task order is to maintain facilities built by the US Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Peace Vector VI program, emanating from the Camp David Peace Accords. Syska has assumed the lead role in this task order and is responsible to meet the client requirements of operating and maintaining the facility in on a 24/7 basis.

Syska is charged with operating and maintaining 26 buildings, plus the following specialty facilities: Standby Power Plant Water Treatment Plant Waste Water Treatment Plant Air Field Lighting System Kitchen and Dining Hall Equipment

Led by Syska, ASA quickly mobilized to commence our O&M activities. Syska was able to supply Expat personnel on site in Egypt with ten days of the award. Full mobilization was complete within 37 days of award despite the complexities of arranging base passes for a foreign military and supplying labor in a relatively remote region of the country.

What differentiates this task order from regular O&M task orders is the requirement to train Egyptian Air Force personnel in performing the O&M tasks themselves. Syska has commenced a training and personnel evaluation program, which shall become more rigorous as time goes on.

At this point in the task order, we are assisting the Egyptian Air Force and US Army COE in resolving warranty and construction defect issues. Additionally, we are ramping up our training program to increase the EAF’s role in the facility O&M process.