Pentagon Phoenix
Arlington, VA

The destruction of Wedge 1 of the Pentagon by terrorist activity on September 11, 2001 required an extremely fast track reconstruction project which commenced immediately following the FBI's investigation of the site as a crime scene.

The 450,000 sf design/build renovation was a very interactive, fast track process which required extensive commitment of personnel overtime and supporting resources. The goal was to complete the renovation by September 11, 2002 (the one year anniversary) while continuously implementing "lessons learned" into the design. While allowing for the subsequent additional equipment, the team had to consider and maintain the historic fabric of this landmark building.

In order to overcome the many project challenges, the design and construction team held daily coordination meetings on-site. Syska performed a field investigation of existing conditions and developed a design that met the requirements of the Department of Defense while improving flexibility, redundancy and defensibility. As important information was uncovered in the investigation, Syska continuously modified the base building and tenant design to meet the new chem-bio and MEP safety standards. Creative use of the existing light wells and roof structure provided room for the additional mechanical equipment required to meet these new standards.


450,000 sf