Los Angeles Clippers Training Facility
Playa Vista, CA

The Los Angeles Clippers commissioned Syska Hennessy Group to design their first athletic training facility in the club's 37-year history. In collaboration with the architect, Syska put their stamp on the facility by providing building systems design, technology and architectural lighting design services for the facility. The design is being cared for in such a way, that the Clippers will be able to utilize the facility in a number of different ways to address a multitude of special needs.

Within the two-story structure are two full basketball courts, a 2,600 sf performance and strength training area featuring state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight training equipment. For the training area, the Clippers wanted to increase their ability to monitor player performance, so Syska implemented new technology that allows them to monitor player progress as they train. This is achieved by equipment that measures heart rates along with the treadmill slope and pace, which transmits directly into the Clippers' computer network. With the standard wireless coverage throughout the facility the staff will be able to see the results while communicating directly to the player as they workout. This coverage enhances connectivity and provides the benefits of a modern NBA arena. Full locker room facilities for Clipper players and coaches as well as offices for all members of the Clipper operations team will be on-site.


42,500 sf