Pentagon Hires Engineer For Building Systems Assessment
September 24, 2001

By Staff
Appeared in Engineering News-Record

The Pentagon Renovation Office has contracted the Fairfax, Va., office of mechanical-electrical-plumbing engineer Syska Hennessy Group Inc. to perform a condition survey of the building systems serving Pentagon Wedges I and II, compromised by the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. According to John F. Hennessy III, chairman-CEO of the New York City-based S&H, the firm will ascertain the current conditions of the electrical, plumbing and heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems and map out a plan for reconstruction and restoration. Each wedge in the Pentagon has its own utility services, independent from the other wedges, says Hennessy.

S&H's Fairfax office expects to have five people working on the contract. John Sporidis, S&H's senior vice president, says the firm's recommendations are due in 60 days. At this point, "it's conjecture, what we will do," he says. The first meeting on the project is set for Sept. 25.

The Pentagon Renovation Office has also contracted Allyn E. Kilsheimer, a Washington, D.C.-based engineer, to be its structural expert for Wedges I and II.