Syska Hennessy Designs Cooling System for High Density Data Centers
July 28, 2004

By Staff
Appeared in Energy & Power Management

LOS ANGELES, CA—Syska Hennessy Group, a national consulting, engineering, technology and construction firm, has designed a new cooling system to better meet the demands of high density computer data centers. Syska Hennessy says its design concept supports greater uptime and reliability, while saving costly data center space through greatly reduced square footage requirements.

" Syska Hennessy’s Smart Server Solution? is a breakthrough concept that benefits a broad range of companies and facilities for which 24/7 server uptime and reliability are critical," according to Jun Yang, a senior consulting engineer with Syska Hennessy’s Critical Facilities Team.

"Syska Hennessy’s new cooling system challenges traditional industry standards to control hot spots, resulting in these kinds of facilities being far less likely to suffer down time. This benefits our clients by increasing productivity while getting the most out of their data center space," Yang explained.

By making a few renovations, Syska Hennessy can give each client a more balanced method of cooling that allows for additional servers to be added over time without risking a meltdown, according to O’Sullivan. Syska Hennessy accomplishes this design through a new configuration of space to control heat exhaust. The Smart Server Solution™ uses the natural flow of air for cooling, allowing companies to generate 3.5 times the watts per-square-foot (W/ft²) than current standard data center configurations.

In a traditional layout, l460 servers would require 353 racks and 8800 square feet, with 90 W/ft². With the Smart Server Solution™, the same number of servers requires only 34 racks and l664 ft², generating 3l5 ft².