Syska Hennessy Designs Revolutionary Cooling System for High Density Data Centers
Uptime and Availability Improved
July 14, 2004

By Staff
Appeared in Continuity e-Guide

Los Angeles, CA - Syska Hennessy Group, a leading national consulting, engineering, technology and construction firm, has designed a revolutionary new cooling system to better meet the demands of today's high density computer data centers that takes uptime and reliability to a new level, while saving costly data center space through greatly reduced square footage requirements. "Smart Server Solution™ is a breakthrough concept that benefits a broad range of companies and facilities for which 24/7 server uptime and reliability are critical," according to Jun Yang, PE, a senior consulting engineer with Syska Hennessy's Critical Facilities Team.

"Our clients don't just have critical facilities, they have what we call Hypercritical Facilities™ - which can be found in places like data centers, web-hosting and telecom facilities; electronic banking and check processing centers; clean rooms and research labs; call centers; on-demand providers; and hospital operating suites and emergency rooms," Yang said.