Syska Hennessy to present new method for assessing Criticality Levels
March 07, 2006

By Staff
Appeared in The Data Center Journal

Syska Hennessy Group, a national consulting, engineering, technology and construction firm, has launched a new classification system for determining the levels of criticality for an organization’s critical facilities, which it will present at the March 28 DataCenter Dynamics Conference in New York.

This new industry position will assist in the construction, commissioning, maintenance and operation of data centers for organizations in various industries, according to Richard Dennis, Vice President and National Commissioning Manager and Jerry Burkhardt, Vice President, Commissioning Services of Syska Hennessy Group.

“Various data center classification systems have been in use for a number of years, but their relevance to an increasingly complex infrastructure landscape is now coming into question,” Burkhardt explains. “Syska has developed a newly defined and detailed approach to assessing the levels of criticality for data, telecom and other critical facilities directly responsible for the vitality of a data center.”

The Criticality Levels™ approach assesses various critical facilities on a scale of 1 (least critical)-to-10 (most critical). Critical facility elements under observation include HVAC, Electrical Building Management Systems, Security, IT Infrastructure, Operations, Disaster Preparedness and others.

“This new approach is predicated upon the philosophy that the vulnerability of an organization’s critical mission is directly attributed to the weakest link in its chain,” explains Dennis. “This will give forward-thinking organizations the tools for ensuring maximum uptime and reliability.”

Syska’s Criticality Levels™ definitions are the result of the firm’s experience with millions of square feet of critical facilities for a broad array of clients. An overview of the Criticality Level™ concept can be found at

With offices nationwide, Syska Hennessy Group’s National Critical Facilities team assesses critical and Hypercritical Facilities’™ downtime risks against current industry practices. Their expertise is the result of having designed, constructed and operated over 50 million square feet of critical facilities, nationally and internationally.

Syska Hennessy Group is consistently ranked among the top engineering and construction firms in the nation. The firm's clients include many of the world's leading corporations, high tech companies, healthcare, research and educational institutions, real estate owners and developers, as well as government agencies, who depend on Syska’s experience for their most technically sophisticated and reliable facilities. More information can be found at