More Details on Syska’s Green Critical Facilities Committee
January 24, 2007

By Staff
Appeared in The Data Center Journal

Recently the Syska Hennessy Group had announced the formation of its Green Critical Facilities (Green CF) Committee and today we have more details. The team will incorporate sustainability and environmental awareness in the design and operation of more energy efficient and environmentally conscious critical facilities, currently a chief concern within the data center industry.

"Despite the growing importance of critical facilities to modern business operations, their inherent inefficiencies and environmental impact have a profound effect on both our natural environment and the owner's total operating cost," explains Terry Rodgers, CPE, Green CF committee chair and senior associate of Syska Hennessy Group.

According to Syska, the goal of the committee will be to incorporate the best features of sustainability to reduce energy consumption within data centers without sacrificing reliability. This is a concern that is currently gaining momentum in both the private sector and at the governmental level from Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"Critical Facilities are incredibly energy intensive and cost our clients vast sums to operate," explains Dave Callan, PE, CEM, LEED® AP, Vice President and Director of Sustainable Design & High Performance Building Technology at Syska Hennessy Group. "Since the IT equipment often accounts for only 30 percent of the total energy consumption, it is important to understand how the building systems interact and consume the remaining 70 percent. We will then incorporate these best practices into every facility we design."

The committee is comprised of a diverse cross-section of experts including key members of Syska's Critical Facilities group, National Commissioning group, Sustainable Design and High Performance Building Technology group, IT Technology group, and Building Automation and Controls.  The committee membership includes LEED Accredited Professionals, Professional Engineers, a Certified Plant Engineer, as well as membership on various professional organizations including US Green Building Council, ASHRAE TC9.9, the Capital Region Green Building Council, NFPA, and IEEE to name a few.

Syska believes that this committee will lead the production of a new generation of critical facilities that are environmentally sound, energy efficient and cost-effective.

"We will use the knowledge obtained from this committee to produce designs that maintain or improve reliability, reduce operating costs and increase environmental responsibility," explains Rodgers. "Reliability and sustainability need not be at odds with each other, but reliability is always paramount in critical facilities."

With offices nationwide, Syska Hennessy Group's National Critical Facilities team assesses critical and Hypercritical Facilities'™ downtime risks against current industry practices.  Their expertise is the result of having designed and constructed over 50 million square feet of critical facilities, nationally and internationally. 

Syska Hennessy Group is consistently ranked among the top engineering and construction firms in the nation.   The firm's clients include many of the world's leading corporations, high tech companies, financial and insurance institutions, healthcare, research and educational institutions, real estate owners and developers, as well as government agencies, who depend on Syska's experience for their most technically sophisticated and reliable facilities.

Committee Membership:

Cyrus Izzo, PE - SVP and Director of the National Critical Facilities Group
Terry Rodgers, CPE & ASHRAE TC9.9, Committee Chair - National Commissioning Group
David Callan, PE & LEED - VP Sustainable Design and High Performance Building Technology Group
Christopher Johnston, PE - VP and Syska Chief Engineer for Critical Facilities
Steve Escalante, PE - Critical Facilities, Western Region
Jeffery Kirchner, PE - Technology Design Group
Patricia Pearson - Critical Facilities, Southeast Region
Carlos Petty, PE - Critical Facilities, Northeast Region
Vali Sorell, PE & ASHRAE TC9.9 - Critical Facilities, Southeast Region
Whitney Stone, PE & LEED - Critical Facilities, Western Region
Carol Walker - Corporate Strategic Planning, Marketing & Communications