Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Hinge On the Right Philosophy
July 19, 2007

By Staff
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The key to ensuring that an enterprise has optimum uptime reliability begins with the correct philosophy. While disaster recovery remains a top priority for senior executives and IT directors alike, the term itself implies that the business has failed, and recovery remains the only option. Conversely, business continuity speaks to a more useful philosophy, in which the business prepares for all possible scenarios and develops a plan that allows the core business to continue free of interruption.

Here are some key strategies for ensuring that your business operations are fully reliable and adequately prepared for any potential threats to uptime:

Syska Hennessy Group designed the Criticality Levels concept, which assesses the availability and reliability of a business's critical facility. Performing this exercise is useful for existing facilities and in the design process in order to select the proper components that complement the critical mission of the facility and safeguard its data center against downtime.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Terry Rodgers is the CPE, Green CF committee chair and senior associate of Syska Hennessy Group. Jeffery Kirchner is the RCDD of Syska-Hennessy's Technology Design Group.