Green Critical Facilities Committee

Syska’s Green Critical Facilities (CF) Committee was the first in our nation to provide greener solutions for data centers; we research and evaluate technologies and recommend guidelines to promote energy efficiency without sacrificing reliability, which is such a critical element in the data center environment. Comprised of professionals from a variety of disciplines and geographies, our committee maintains current thought leadership on industry innovation and trends by continuously researching and evaluating products, strategies, and services and promoting “best practices."

To do this, we maximize the synergies between the “Green Building” sustainability philosophy and Critical Facilities performance demands. At times, that has meant that we challenge present paradigms associated with critical facility design when conflicts between sustainability and reliability are encountered.

 The Green CF Committee considers all aspects of Critical Facilities:
Green CF Aspects

Tracking Technology - Syska’s Green CF Committee assesses existing and cutting edge technology (for example: Chemical Free Water Treatments) for suitability for use in critical facilities. We get the brochures and visit the web-sites, interview the vendors, learn the pricing, consider how it’s been tested, and more importantly discuss with end users their experiences as part of our evaluation.  Then we compile and communicate the results internally to our Project Engineers and Project Managers who can implement site-specific solutions tailored to each client.

Tracking New Technology