Integrated Design Process Charrette:
Bradley West Modernization, Los Angeles International Airport



The integrated design process for the project was ushered in with a charrette to identify and strategize on how to implement project goals. Stakeholders who participated in visioning process included Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) team members, community representatives, planners, architects and our engineers. 

We worked together to identify and explore the themes which drove the project; LAX as a global presence and gateway to the world, LEED and sustainable design technologies, and exploiting the great natural light and temperate climate of Los Angeles. The team was truly passionate about bringing innovation and elegant design solutions to the local and international community that would use this facility for years to come.

The visioning charrette explored high performance solutions and blended forward-thinking design with reverence for the nearby iconic 1961 Theme Building; a building which celebrated the dawn of the Jet Age at LAX. Conducting the charrette early in the design process provided an opportunity for early collaboration among all team members, bringing architectural and engineering design dynamics to the table. Honoring the interests of all stakeholders, with a particular commitment to creating a healthy, sustainable environment, delivered important strategies to ensure project success.

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