Engineering Expertise for Photovoltaic System Integration: Our Process

Yixing Mixed Use Development PV Study
Photovoltaic Study for Yixing Mixed Use Development.

American School & University Magazine: March 2010 Issue READ: Renewable Energy Makes the Grade: Photovoltaics are Perfect Match for K-12

By Ali Hadian and Ben Sedighi
Appeared in American School & University Magazine -
March 2010


Photovoltaic systems can be a significant component for achieving the California Energy Commission (Title 24) requirement for new commercial buildngs to be net zero by 2030.

Sustainable, high performance design is at the heart of our firm’s practice. We strive to bring energy-efficient, environmentally-responsive design solutions to every project. As such, we are committed to using a variety of leading-edge sustainable technologies in our projects, such as photovoltaic (PV) technology, to provide direct cost savings and help reduce dependence on utility-sourced power.

As part of our design process we seek to minimize building loads, utilize passive strategies appropriate to this site and its climate, optimize active systems to enhance the passive strategies, and then incorporate on-site renewable energy generation where practically and economically feasible. As part of this process, our engineers evaluate opportunities for technologies such as PV to help address a project’s specific energy and carbon reduction goals. We evaluate all available PV technologies without preference to one type of PV or manufacturer, as appropriate to the specific project needs. Our expertise includes large and small stand-alone ground mounted installations, building supported installations, and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems.

Our engineers work with the entire project team, especially architects and structural engineers, to evaluate PV from a whole system perspective. Integrating our analytical expertise in climate, energy modeling and on-site energy generation analysis  with our excellence in engineering design, we are able to optimize for the most practical and cost effective renewable energy generation solution for our clients, helping them meet their energy, carbon and LEED goals.

Our involvement in ongoing research and development of high performance solutions, including on-site renewable power, allows us to remain at the leading edge of delivering practical, cost effective and optimized solutions for our clients.