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Syska Hennessy Completes Lighting Design for San Diego Banner Art Display

SAN DIEGO, CA – Syska Hennessy Group, Inc. completed a lighting design project to illuminate the new “Banner Art” display for the Port of San Diego.

In 2006, the Port of San Diego commissioned artist, John Banks, to create a new sculpture for the Imperial Beach Art Walk at Beach Boulevard and Seacoast Drive. This welcome addition to the community is the southern-most public artwork along the Imperial Beach oceanfront, and the latest one that has been installed since 1996. Syska Hennessy Group was engaged to illuminate the sculpture to increase visibility and prominence in the evening.

Titled, "Banner Art", this 20-foot abstract steel sculpture, consists of three equally spaced vertical steel poles (8-inch diameter) that rise to a height of over 20 feet. The upper part of each element is bent into different shaped wavy forms as if blowing in the wind, like banners. Viewed from any angle but one, the artwork looks entirely abstract; but when viewed from one particular spot (called the "sweet spot") near the corner of Seacoast Avenue & Imperial Beach Boulevard (about 150 feet from the artwork) the piece clearly spells the word "ART" in bold capital letters.

Syska Hennessy Group’s lighting designers developed plans to light the project from the ground, as well as adjacent and surrounding palm trees to frame the piece. The team selected high-efficiency, low-wattage metal halide lighting fixtures to minimize energy consumption and maintenance.

"Banner Art,” which is painted entirely in red with marine grade epoxy paint is clearly visible down the length of Imperial Beach Boulevard from four or five blocks away, especially when illuminated at night with its new lighting system.

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