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Winter 2010

Spotlight on Syska Hennessy Group's
Green Critical Facilities Committee

Green Critical Facilities Brochure Cover

In this quarter’s issue of Uptime Updates, we highlight a division of Syska Hennessy Group’s Critical Facilities Team that focuses on greener solutions for data centers in today’s world. This group called the Green Critical Facilities Committee was formed in 2006 and was the first in the nation at the time. Since its inception, the team has continually sought to research and evaluate technologies, as well as recommend guidelines that promote energy efficiency and sustainability, without reducing reliability. Find out more about the Green CF Committee >>

Often regarded as thought leaders in the industry, many team members from both Syska’s Critical Facilities Team and Green CF Committee have been asked to present at industry conferences, author technical articles in trade publications, and develop white papers. Uptime Updates also celebrates these accomplishments in this issue, which recaps 2009. See “Recap of 2009 Articles” and “Recap of 2009 White Papers”

In addition, we congratulate the recent appointment of Cyrus Izzo, Syska Hennessy’s Co-CEO, as he was recently appointed to the 7x24 Exchange International’s Board of Directors.
Read more about his new role >>

Finally, please don’t forget to check out “Upcoming Industry Events” where our Critical Facilities and Green CF Committee team members are going to be speaking at next!

Recap of 2009 Articles

Through authored and bylined articles, or interviews, our Critical Facilities Team and Green CF Committee have contributed tremendously in leveraging our exposure in our industry and to our clients. By clicking on each article title below you can read about the innovative topics or projects from Syska Hennessy Group.


Article Title

Author or Interviewed

Building Operating Management

Green Data Centers Bring Environmental, Financial Gains

Christopher Johnston,
Vali Sorell

Archi-Tech Magazine

Future Controls Advances Will Make Buildings Smarter; Leaps and Bounds for Controls

Carlos Petty

ASHRAE Expands Data Center Temperature Range: Who Cares?

Vali Sorell

Building Operating Management

Article 1 of a three part series: Ten Tips to Make a Data Center More Efficient

Marcus Hassen

When Server Racks Undermine Data Center Cooling

Kishor Khankari

Using Flywheel Power for Data Center Uninterruptible Power Supply Backup

Christopher Johnston

Mission Critical

Green Down to the Wiring and  Cabling

Jeff Kirchner

Airflow Management Strategies for Efficient Data Center Cooling

Vali Sorell

Mission Critical

Structured Communications Cabling Design

Anthony Jamsek

7X24 Exchange Newslink

Humidity Control

John Eagar

Building Operating Management

Article 2 of a three part series: Small Steps, Big Energy Gains

Marcus Hassen

Building Operating Management

EMS/BAS: Laying the Groundwork for Upgrades

Carlos Petty

Data Center Journal

Increasing Electrical Efficiency Downstream of the UPS

Christopher Johnston

O&M Best Practices

Terry Rodgers and John Collins

Key Aspects of Designing a Data Center for  Maintainability

Terry Rodgers

Strategic Facilities

Shanghai Directions and the China Syndrome

Christopher Johnston


Seven Things to do with a Legacy Data Center in a Tough Economy

Christopher Johnston

ASHRAE Journal

Rack Enclosures - A Crucial Link in the Airflow Management of Data Centers

Kishor Khankari

Plumbing Engineer

What You Need to Know About Plumbing for Critical Facilities

Robert Ioanna

Building Operating Management

Article 3 of a three part series: Designing a More Energy Efficient Data Center

Marcus Hassen

Data Center Journal

Common Mistakes in Existing Data Centers and How to Correct Them

Christopher Johnston and
Vali Sorell

Recap of 2009 White Papers

Last year we put out three technical white papers through Uptime Updates. If you missed these, you can still order them online via the website:

Greening Reliability
Syska’s Green Critical Facilities Team explores the question, “Can Green really be reliable?” in their White Paper, Greening Reliability. The journey begins with a discussion of the Historic Data Center and Today’s Best Practices, advancing quickly toward Tomorrow’s Facilities, synonymous with Syska’s Best Practices. Explore topics including Indoor Air Quality, The Central Chilled Water Plant, On-Site Power Generation, Critical Power Distribution, IT Infrastructure, Controls, and Site Selection. Order the full white paper >>

Opportunity Knocks: Managing Airflow to Enhance Data Center Cooling Performance
Syska’s Kishor Khankari, a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics and developer of several CFD software tools, authored this white paper, Opportunity Knocks, as he explores practical techniques to enhance the legacy data center’s cooling performance, and further promote its energy efficiency. Order the full white paper >>

Integrated Waterside Economizer Operation for Data Center Central Chiller Plants
Written by Alex Myers and Vali Sorell, this white paper explores the effectiveness of using an Integrated Water Side Economizer (IWSE), which differs from the traditional water side economizer, as it pipes a Heat Exchanger (HX) in series with the chillers. Order the full white paper >>

Visit our website to see a complete list of Syska Hennessy Group White Papers, including our Global Best Practice Series, Opinion Series and Special Edition Series >>



Emerging Trends in Cooling Solutions for High Density Data Centers presented by Syska panelist Vali Sorell, and other industry panelists!

When: Thursday, February 25, 2010; 11AM PT/ 12PM MT/ 1PM CT/2PM ET
Duration: 60 minutes includes Q&A
Cost: FREE
Where: Right from your computer. Scroll down and click on the link to register!
Continuing Education: 1.0 credit hour (PDH) Certificate of Completion*

In today’s data center market there are an infinite number of solutions to the cooling conundrum. Listen to several experts’ opinions (and differences) on the many concepts and products, as well as their opinions as to where the market is heading. Hear the debate from the Designers and Contractors (a former User) perspective. Register for this free webinar now!


Data Center Dynamics – New York, March 3, 2010
CXO Roundtable – Cyrus Izzo will be participating in this discussion that reviews key developments in 2009; the challenges for 2010; and how the industry needs to adjust to accommodate change over the next 12 months.

When: Wednesday, March 3, 2010; 10:00am – 10:45am ET
Duration: 45 minutes
Where: Hall 1, New York Hilton

Carbon Footprint Reduction for Data Centers will be presented by Chris Johnston and Robert Ioanna

When: Wednesday, March 3, 2010; 12:35pm – 1:35pm ET
Duration: 60 minutes
Where: Hall 4, New York Hilton

With the falling cost of copper, steel, oil, and concrete, 2010 will be a great year to build a data center at a reasonable cost. Knowledgeable owners worry about accommodating growing computer loads while controlling Total Cost of Ownership. Join a team of Syska Hennessy Group experts as they discuss how scalable, modular infrastructure can reduce CAPEX and OPEX in a new data center with accommodations for future needs.


ASHRAE/DOE Data Center Energy Efficient Workshop
Terry Rodgers and David Quirk will be presenting

When: Wednesday, March 3, 2010; 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Where: NSTAR Gas and Electric Headquarters, Westwood, MA


Speaker and presenter bios can be viewed on our Critical Facilities webpage >>

Visit our website for a complete list of our speaking engagements >>

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