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June 2009

Opportunity Knocks:
Managing airflow to enhance data center cooling performance and promote energy efficiency

by Kishor Khankari, PhD, Associate Partner, Syska Hennessy Group

Cooling alone can add up to as much as 50% of a data center’s total energy expenditure for the year, leaving owners searching for opportunities to reduce traditionally fixed costs. From picking the low hanging fruits to employing CFD modeling, airflow management is the opportunity knocking on the legacy data center’s door.

The first step in managing airflow is to divide computer rooms into separate hot and cold aisles. Additionally, sealing leaks in the data center floor, raising ceiling heights, employing containment systems and optimizing air conditioning unit placement within each space, will also sharpen operational procedures that can reduce energy expenditure.

Secondly, employing CFD modeling can provide owners with an opportunity to optimize computer room scenarios, all in a cost effective way without the traditional expense of trial and error.

Join Syska’s Kishor Khankari, a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics and developer of several CFD software tools, in his white paper Opportunity Knocks, as he explores practical techniques to enhance the legacy data center’s cooling performance and further promote its energy efficiency.

Order your copy of the white paper online >>

Kishor Khankari has a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics and is an active member of ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.9 Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment and also a voting member and chairman of the Research Subcommittee of ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.11 for Clean Spaces. Dr. Khankari has developed several CFD software tools which are commonly used by design engineers in a variety of industries. Dr. Khankari can be reached at Kishor Khankari, PhD

Also read Dr. Khankari’s article, Cable Cutouts in Data Centers Can Lead to Loss in Cooling Capacity, featured in 7x24 Exchange Newslink, Fall 2008 >>



Hear Kishor Khankari LIVE! at the upcoming ASHRAE Conference in Louisville on June 21, 2009

ASHRAE 2009 Annual Conference
June 20-24, 2009
Louisville, Kentucky

Sit in for the Applications Program Track on June 21 and hear him present Indoor Airflow Simulation Strategies for Design of Clean Spaces during the Cleanroom Airflow Simulation, Pressurization, Filtration and Air Quality Control Strategies session.

Cleanroom Airflow Simulation, Pressurization, Filtration and Air Quality Control Strategies Air quality management in high-tech cleanrooms is a very complex task. In addition to typical outside air and VOC level controls, cleanrooms also require stringent room air cleanliness, pressure and filtration controls to minimize airborne cross contamination due to particle and microbial migrations along airflows and air leakage paths. Studies on these complex and dynamic characteristics will help develop better airborne control tools and strategies which are often achieved automatically and optimized through building management system. This seminar addresses various cleanroom indoor airflow simulation methods, effective airlock control, automatic suite pressurization and new filtration technology down to very fine nano particles.

Session Type: Seminar 6
Session Start Time: 8:00 AM
Session End Time: 9:30 AM
Session Location: Beckham

On June 22, Terry Rodgers will chair the Free Cooling Opportunities for Data Centers session. This transactions session will present on a variety of issues that are pertinent to strategies and technologies for providing free-cooling of data centers, telecommunications facilities, and combinations thereof. Issues of recent concern include water-side and air-side economizers, enthalpy wheels, geothermal heat sinks, climatic and geographical considerations, indoor and outdoor air quality concerns, and implementation in existing and planned data centers.

Session Type: Transactions 5
Session Start Time: 8:00 AM
Session End Time: 9:30 AM
Session Location: French

Datacenter Dynamics
Hilton San Francisco
July 17, 2009

JUST ANNOUNCED - Vali Sorell, associate partner and Victor Steffen, vice president, Critical Facilities will present on Carbon Footprint Reduction for Data Centers during the conference. Continue to check the Data Center Dynamics website for more information to be posted soon regarding this presentation.

Visit our new website for a complete list of our speaking engagements >>

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