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Spring 2007

Data Center Hot Spot Mitigation

Throughout the lifecycle of a data center, ensuring a data center’s cooling infrastructure is optimized is a major concern of many data center operators. Hot spots continue to crop up in high density environments. Mitigating these hot spots can only be achieved through consistent evaluations of the data center’s load reconciliation, air distribution, and operational condition of critical systems.

Using technology and tools to assess hot spots holistically, data center operators can treat the problem rather than the symptoms.

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The recent ASHRAE publication of Book #4 of the ASHRAE Datacom Series "Liquid Cooling Guidelines for Datacom Equipment Centers" is now available. Syska’s Terry L. Rodgers, CPE is a co-author of the book (written by Technical Committee TC9.9 Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces, and Electronic Equipment).

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We have openings with our growing, national Critical Facilities Team.

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If you want to put your talent, skills, and mind to work, as well as achieve your personal and professional goals, you’ll want to join Syska Hennessy’s Critical Facilities Team!

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