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March 2008

Integrated Automated Controls for Data Centers –
Philosophy & Approach

The delicate balance between day-to-day operations of critical facilities while reducing energy consumption is a challenge faced by everyone living in these facilities.  Of course, this all has to be accomplished without compromising equipment performance. This white paper examines embracing today’s technology trends and energy-efficient automation measures with advanced environmental monitoring to get the most out of your data center. 

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Chris Johnston
Terry Rodgers, CPE

Valli Sorell
Vali Sorell, PE

Terry Rodgers, CPE and Vali Sorell, PE will be presenting Session F12, “Will Liquid Cooling Solutions Save Energy”, at AFCOM Data Center World in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 3, 9:45am - 10:45am.

Recent technology advancements by IT equipment manufacturers have resulted in high heat producing hardware that pushes the envelope of traditional air cooling methodologies. In response, various infrastructure vendors have introduced liquid cooled solutions as a viable alternative that can accommodate as much as 30 kW per rack or more. This presentation will discuss the energy efficiencies of the various cooling solutions available today and some possible cooling solutions that may be introduced in the near future.

Syska Hennessy Group has also been invited to participate on the Open Forum Closing Session: “Going Green.” Terry Rodgers, CPE will be our panelist, along with Michael Manos, Sr. Director, Data Center Services, Microsoft; John Tuccillo, Board Member, The Green Grid and David Perkins, CTO, Active Power Inc.

Open Forum Closing Session: Going Green
Thursday, April 3, 11:00am–12:00pm

Whether you are a vendor or an end user, power, cooling and energy consumption are significant concerns for every data center professional. In this day in age, the cost of energy continues to rise and new technologies are consuming more energy from data centers than ever before. Executive managers and CIOs work together along with the government to make “Going Green” an essential part of our lives. Find out what this means for you by attending this session to speak your mind and ask questions, and listen to others discuss their experiences in going green.

If you are interested in attending the event, please visit Data Center World's website.

Passes are now available for Vendors, Facilities Managers and End-Users to attend the Data Center World Expo for free. Click the link below for the printable registration form.

Please contact Lauren Mehmedovic at 212.556.3383 for more information regarding our presentations.

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