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May 2010

Outside Air Economizers in Data Centers in Warm Climates

Designers have long assumed that data center projects should not use outside air economizers (a.k.a. airside economizers) in warm climates. The reasons are usually obvious — when it’s 90°F or higher outdoors for much of the year, there couldn’t possibly be any benefit in bringing in that warm outside air. However, when specifically considering data center applications, there are several reasons why this logic is faulty.

The updated “Thermal Envelope” has allowed for many more hours of economizer use, and there is promise in the not too distant future that that envelope will be expanded even more. Only a complete Total Cost of Ownership analysis can determine whether there is enough availability of free cooling to justify the extra cost of the economizer.

Vali Sorell

You can read more about these point in detail on our website >>

For more information on the use of airside economizes,
contact our in-house expert, Vali Sorell.

Syska Hennessy Group Represents at Datacenter Dynamics NYC

We would like to congratulate some of our esteemed technical experts and executives who participated as panelists or presenters at the Datacenter Dynamics New York Conference on March 3rd. They had some interesting topics to talk about and had a great response.

  • Chris Johnston and Robert Ioanna presented on Carbon Footprint Reduction for Data Centers. Officially, 1000 attendees registered for that presentation but the room only had capacity for 90 people, and there was a line out the door!

    Tweet by:
    Rich Miller of Data Center Knowledge

    Tweet by Rich Miller: Sign of the times: Syska Hennessy session on capex/opex optimization is packed...can't even get into the room. #dcdnyc2010 - March 3rd

  • Cyrus Izzo, our co-CEO, took part in the CXO Round Table panel, which discussed key developments in the industry in 2009; the challenges for 2010; and adjustments to accommodate change over the next 12 months. Izzo was also quoted in Datacenter Dynamics' Focus Magazine stating, “All companies regardless of the industry or market are looking to control energy costs and save money. For critical facilities and data centers, managers are under pressure to reduce operating costs while maintaining availability and reduce spending. Our job as engineers and business partners is to help our clients maximize budget and achieve energy savings at the same time. In addition to costs, controlling schedule will also be crucial – especially when the pent up construction demand returns.”

    In addition to being featured in DCD Focus Magazine, Izzo was also interviewed on camera. See the video clip >>

New Leadership for Critical Facilities Team

James Coe

In early March of this year, Senior Vice President, James Coe, was promoted to Director of Critical Facilities. Previously,
Co-CEO, Cyrus Izzo, held that title, having successfully founded and led this business unit for Syska since 2005.
Mr. Coe, who previously served as the Operations Manager for CF will continue collaborating with our CF Leadership Team on the expansion of our client base and our geographic reach beyond the U.S. This includes effectively staking a new presence in the Canadian market, while continuing established leadership for our firm’s initiatives in China.

White Papers

Last year we published three technical white papers through Uptime Updates:

  • Greening Reliability

  • Opportunity Knocks: Managing Airflow to Enhance Data Center Cooling Performance

  • Integrated Waterside Economizer Operation for Data Center Central Chiller Plants.

If you missed these or others, you can still order them online via the Syska.com website >>

Speaker/Presenter Bios:

Learn more about our in-house experts by reading their bios online.


Upcoming Events

Greg Jasmin Chris Johnston
Greg Jasmin Chris Johnston

7x24 Exchange Spring Conference

Vendor Knowledge Exchange Session: “The Criticality Levels of Facilities: Defined and Balanced”
Greg Jasmin will be presenting on Tuesday, June 8, at 3:15PM EST.

Chris Johnston authored an article in the 7x24 Exchange Newslink on page 18:The End of Low Hanging Fruit

Gary Brennen
Gary Brennen

Datacenter Dynamics - San Francisco
July 16, 2010

CXO Executive Roundtable
Gary Brennen, PE, Co-CEO and Co-President, will be participating in this discussion which will talk about industry trends.

See Datacenter Dynamics' website for more information!

Kishor Khankari
Kishor Khankari

2010 ASHRAE Conference

Kishor Khankari will be presenting his technical paper, “Thermal Mass Availability for Cooling Data Centers During Power Shutdown,” on Monday, June 28 - Session 8 - Track: High Efficiency HVAC Systems

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