White Paper Abstract

Opportunity Knocks: Managing airflow to enhance data center cooling performance

By: Staff

Cooling alone can add up to as much as 50% of a data center’s total energy expenditure for the year, leaving own-ers searching for opportunities to reduce traditionally fixed costs. From picking the low hanging fruits to employ-ing CFD modeling, airflow management is the opportunity knocking on the legacy data center’s door.

The first step in managing airflow is to divide computer rooms into separate hot and cold aisles. Additionally, seal-ing leaks in the data center floor, raising ceiling heights, employing containment systems and optimizing air con-ditioning unit placement within each space, will also sharpen operational procedures that can reduce energy ex-penditure.

Secondly, employing CFD modeling can provide owners with an opportunity to optimize computer room scenar-ios, all in a cost effective way without the traditional expense of trial and error.

Join Syska’s Kishor Khankari, a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics and developer of several CFD soft-ware tools, in his White Paper Opportunity Knocks, as he explores practical techniques to enhance the legacy data center’s cooling performance and further promote its energy efficiency.

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