White Paper Abstract

Integrated Waterside Economizer Operation for Data Center Central Chiller Plants

Vali Sorell, Principal
Alex Myers, Associate Partner

As power requirements for data centers are continually rising, energy conservation is quickly catching up to reliability as the second major focus on the minds of owners. With that said, the second greatest energy consumer in a data center following the IT load is the chiller plant. As a result, energy-savvy owners are looking for solutions to squeeze out as much efficiency as possible from their chiller plants.

This white paper explores the effectiveness of using an Integrated Water Side Economizer (IWSE), which differs from the traditional water side economizer, as it pipes a Heat Exchanger (HX) in series with the chillers. Energy savings can be recognized in a water cooled chiller plant by using this low- cost solution, which involves the addition of a few automated valves and piping alterations that enable the plant to capture a substantial amount of “partial cooling” hours during the shoulder seasons (Fall/Spring). Consequently, the KW input requirements of the chiller are reduced.

This cost efficient design approach can reduce energy costs significantly, especially if a plant already includes a waterside economizer operation. Additionally, this system arrangement can be used for new plants and legacy plants alike. However, ISWE operation can also have several pitfalls if not designed, installed, and commissioned properly.

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