White Paper Abstract

Greening Reliability

By: Staff

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, domestic data centers currently devour 1.5% of our nation’s total energy intake. Many of these facilities consume as much as 37 MW of energy 24/7/365 – and their power consumption is on the rise. Although the cost per computation has dropped (due to improved server power efficiency and computational speed), the increased cost of energy and demand for computational power have escalated far beyond the potential savings.

Syska Hennessy Group’s Green Critical Facilities (CF) Team, in partnership with data center owners and operators, is pushing the envelope of design by calling for reduced energy consumption without jeopardizing uptime.

Join Syska’s Green Critical Facilities Team in exploring the question, “Can Green really be reliable?” in their newest White Paper, Greening Reliability. The journey begins with a discussion of the Historic Data Center and Today’s Best Practices, advancing quickly toward Tomorrow’s Facilities, synonymous with Syska’s Best Practices. Explore topics including Indoor Air Quality, The Central Chilled Water Plant, On-Site Power Generation, Critical Power Distribution, IT Infrastructure, Controls, and Site Selection. Find out how Syska’s Green CF Team is taking the data centers of the future to a new level, where reliability and energy efficiency co-exist!

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